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What's new with CrewLAB?

Notes about all of the releases for CrewLAB

April 2022 - Version 3.5

This release comes with fixes to lots of small, annoying bugs. Shout out to our LabCats 🐱 for giving us great feedback! 

🌟 What's New

Stay up to date

We now let you know through the app when there's new functionality and bring you right to the app store to make it easy to get the latest.

📈 Improvements

Easier navigation

We added labels on the bottom bar to make it obvious what you're going to get.


🔧 Bug Fixes

We cleared out issues related to leaderboards created from assigned workouts. The number of people doing the workouts was underreported and the pace targets were not taking into account performance gains of our athletes.

There was a rounding error in displaying the numbers on the Team Activity and Power Profile.

A few other small bugs fixed. 

February 2022 - Version 3.3

Everyone: @CrewLAB can you please make notifications awesome?

CrewLAB: @everyone - duh

🌟 What's New

Notification Overhaul

Never miss a message from your coach again. We revamped the notification experience to make it easy to connect with your team. All notifications are stored in one place -- keeping the conversation going.


Get the attention that you deserve with a direct mention using the @ character and typing a name. You can do this on workout notes, comments and announcements. This will have you saying... "Why are we using GroupMe again?"


Now you can tell at a glance from the home screen if you have new messages from your team.

📈 Improvements

  1. Less painful workout recording
    We made it easier to fly through the workout input form with less taps.
  2. Workout targets auto-sorted by first name
    The workout targets for assigned workout are now sorted by name to make them easier to find. Keep your teammates on track!

🔧 Bug Fixes

Various small changes to make using the platform better.

February 2022 - Version 3.1

This release is packed with great ways to review your training history on CrewLAB. We categorize and link all your workouts for you, so you can easily see attendance, proudly track improvements and compete with your teammates.

🌟 What's New

Instant Results

You can finally delete the spreadsheets. For all workouts, you can now immediately see results for that session and compare it to all of history. 

Team Accountability

The whole crew goes faster when you work as a team, so you can now see who did or did not complete each workout and help them stay on target.

Assignment History

That said, we know that you can't do every workout. Life gets in the way. For when you're trying to catch up, you can now find the all assigned team workouts in one place.

Training Accuracy

At CrewLAB, we believe that training should be scientific. The coach prescribes training with a clear goal and athletes should strive to be accurate to the plan, so we've introduced the concept of training Accuracy.

Coaching Tools

Coaches, to maximize the value that your team gets from these tools, check out our Coaching Tools (beta) website at app.crewlab.io.

If you'd like to learn more about how to use tools effectively for your team, set up a quick meeting or email us!

📈 Improvements

  1. Less painful workout recording
    Logging workouts should be quick, so we tweaked the entire workout flow from input to viewing team activity to make them cleaner and easier to navigate. 
  2. Team Summary auto-sorted by distance
    The overall team summary is sorted by distance now automatically instead of seemingly random order. How does your volume compare to your teammates?

🔧 Bug Fixes

  1. The location won't disappear when you edit a workout

    Thank you to Martin O for finding that and being patient while we got around to fixing it.

  2. Various small changes to make using the platform better.



January 19th, 2022 - Version 3.0

We're excited to bring you CrewLAB 3.0 -- a smoother and more reliable platform.  Thank you for being patient with us as we keep innovating and keep the feedback coming!

🌟 What's New

Platform Overhaul

We completely rebuilt the platform from the ground up for stability -- and snuck in some minor improvements along the way.

Coaching Tools - BETA

Not only that, we have made our Coaching Tools Beta generally available for our Early Access teams. This portal is designed to allow coaches to assign workouts that are personalized to the athlete and see the big picture of their team in one place.

If you'd like to learn more about using the Coaching Tools for your team, set up a quick meeting or email us!

📈 Improvements

  1. Faster load times for all screens in the app
  2. More painless workout logging
    We relaxed many of the requirements for the input form. Yoga workouts should not need a distance! We made things more flexible to capture all your activity easier
  3. The list of athletes on the Group page is now sorted by first name 
    This upgrade was inspired by Coach Veronica! This used to sorted by date joined. This should make it easier to find your teammates workout history

🔧 Bug Fixes

Various small changes along the way to make using the platform better.