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Assigning a Workout

CrewLAB allows coaches to send personalized workouts to their team through the web dashboard

Step 1: Log in

Go to app.crewlab.io and sign in with the same account as you have on the app by clicking the link on the top right of the landing page.

Step 2: Create a Workout

Click on the "Workouts" Link near the top-left of the screen (below the CrewLAB logo) and you will see a weekly calendar screen. Click on a time slot on the calendar to assign a workout to that day.

Step 3: Fill out the Workout Creation Form

In this example, we are assigning a 6km erg test for 4/11/2022 morning practice. If you would like, you can assign a watt target that is tailored to each athlete in the app, but using the Power Goal (%) field is optional.

Step 4: Reviewing a Workout

After you've assigned the workout and your athletes begin to log the workout in their CrewLAB Mobile App, you will be able to review the results from your entire team by clicking on the assigned workout bubble that appears on the calendar. This screen will show you who has logged their piece, what their watts were for the workout, and the likes/comments on their post so you can see what your team engagement with the workout was like at a quick glance.

Step 5: Team Roster Overview

If you want a quick overview of your team roster, you can click the "Team" link just below the "Workouts" link. This will allow you to see your roster as a whole and change assigned zones for athletes as necessary. Assigning athletes different training watts and then assigning a "Power Goal (%)" (from Step 3: Fill out the Workout Creation Form) will allow you to assign training zones that are automatically calculated for each of your athletes based on a prior reading (for example, you could set one of your athlete metrics to "6k watts" and assign workout zones as a percentage of their most recent 6k test).

Step 6a: Viewing Team Results

If you would like to see how your team's training has been going, you can click on the "Results" tab underneath the "Team" tab. Here you will find a graph that shows who has been training the most on your team, how they've allocated their training minutes, and a table beneath that contains the raw numbers of the graphic above. You are also able to adjust the date settings on this page by using the date filter just above the bar graph.

Step 6b: Viewing Team Results (Part 2)

If you would like to see a raw feed of the latest workouts completed by your team, click on the icon on the top right of the screen (just beneath the Log Out button) and you will be able to see a list of your team's most recent workouts that will load more the further you scroll down. You can also narrow this list by using the "Search Workout or Athlete..." box on the top left to narrow the list results down to a single athlete (ex. Bob Smith) or a single workout (ex. 2000m) and see results for just those entries.